EconStor in June 2015

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In June we have added the following research paper series and e-journals to EconStor:

1988 new items have been uploaded. The total number of full-text documents climbed to 90300 by 30/06/2015. We have counted 165936 downloads in June.

The Top 5 most downloaded papers:

1.) Brodeur, Abel; Lé, Mathias; Sangnier, Marc; Zylberberg, Yanos: „Star Wars: The empirics strike back“ (468)

2.) Kreutzer, Ralf T.; Hinz, Jule: „Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Social Media Marketing“ (433)

3.) Dieckmann, Anja; Fischbacher, Urs; Grimm, Veronika; Unfried, Matthias; Utikal, Verena; Valmasoni, Lorenzo: „Trust and beliefs among Europeans: Cross-country evidence on perceptions and behavior“ (300)

4.) Catullo, Ermanno; Gallegati, Mauro; Palestrini, Antonio: „Systemic risk and macro-prudential policies: A credit network-based approach“ (296)

5.) Yacuzzi, Enrique: „El estudio de caso como metodología de investigación: Teoría, mecanismos causales, validación“ (279)

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