EconStor in November 2014

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In November we have added the following research paper series and e-journals to EconStor:

1388 new items have been uploaded. The total number of full-text documents amounted to 83859 by 30/11/2014. We have counted 188317 downloads in the month of November.

The Top 5 most downloaded papers:

1.) Xing, Chunbing; Zhang, Junfu: „The Preference for Larger Cities in China: Evidence from Rural-Urban Migrants“ (674)

2.) Crotty, James: „Structural causes of the global financial crisis: A critical assessment of the “New financial architecture”“ (437)

3.) Kreutzer, Ralf T.; Hinz, Jule: „Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von Social Media Marketing“ (414)

4.) Mayntz, Renate (ed.); Hughes, Thomas P. (ed.): „The development of large technical systems“ (366)

5.) DIW Berlin / SOEP (ed.): „SOEP 2013 – Erhebungsinstrumente 2013 (Welle 30) des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels: Personenfragebogen, Altstichproben“ (348)

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