EconStor in April 2012: now among the TOP 15 RePEc Archives

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We are pleased to announce that EconStor is now among the TOP 15 largest contributors to the RePEc database processing more than 13000 title data from 195 series and over 90 institutions. With more than 1.2 million records contributed from over 1400 archives in the world RePEc – Research Papers in Economics is one of the most comprehensive databases for economic research. Starting in 2006 EconStor has developed a close collaboration with RePEc. In 2010 we have established a national input service for German institutions by disseminating title data for entire series and journals into the RePEc network.

New content: In April 2012 we have been able to upload the following working and discussion paper series in EconStor:

1205 publications have been newly uploaded in EconStor and we have increased our total amount of full-text documents up to 38500. The total number of downloads in April climbed to 105700. The Top 5 most downloaded papers were:

1.) Yadav, Pradeep K.; Megginson, William L.; Chakrabarti, Rajesh: „Corporate governance in India“ (1282 downloads)

2.) Pon, Bryan; Kenney, Martin: „Structuring the smartphone industry: Is the mobile internet OS platform the key?“ (749)

3.) Hauser, Ulrike; Lorenz, Bettina: „Herstellermarke vs. Handelsmarke“ (707)

4.) Auria, Laura; Moro, Rouslan A.: „Support Vector Machines (SVM) as a technique for solvency analysis“ (510)

5.) Gottschalk, Jan: „An Introduction into the SVAR Methodology: Identification, Interpretation and Limitations of SVAR models“ (375)

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