EconStor in January 2012

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We are happy to announce the following working and discussion paper series which have been added to EconStor in January 2012:

By offering more than 35,500 full texts overall, we have counted exactly 103,557 pdf downloads during this month. The Top 5 downloads in January by number of downloads were:

  1. Yadav, Pradeep K.; Megginson, William L.; Chakrabarti, Rajesh: „Corporate governance in India“  (1288 downloads)
  2. Bouza, Carlos; Juárez, Octaviano; Santiago, Agustín: „Un estudio de las potencialidades del mercado para el consumo de agua purificada de la fuente de Azinyahualco“   (1183)
  3. Bauer, Thomas K.: „High Performance Workplace Practices and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Europe“ (806)
  4. Mueller, Gerrit; Plug, Erik: „Estimating the Effect of Personality on Male-Female Earnings“ (577)
  5. Auria, Laura; Moro, Rouslan A.: „Support Vector Machines (SVM) as a technique for solvency analysis“ (553)

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